New Developments On The Horizon for 2016



Each new cycle brings with it change.

The new year has begun.  We hope that the horizon holds a healthy and prosperous time for you.  We were back to work last week after a much anticipated vacation.  As I talked with patients, I heard lots of stories about the way people spent their holidays.  Christmas celebrations, feasting, family, shopping, kids out of school, travel, hiding from all that rain…  Apparently it was awesome! At year’s end we always try to find a little time in the midst of all the excitement to rest and reflect a bit.  It helps to remember what last year was, and wonder what next year may be.  As we look ahead to 2016 we are planning some new developments in our office that we think you’ll like.

Improving your experience.

We are excited about several ways we are looking to improve your experience in our office.  We are planning some upgrades to our facility, and some new features to the systems we use to serve you.  Stay tuned for details here and on our Facebook page


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