Why Choose Us?

Rayburn_Home_OfficeThere’s no place like home. Our practice is located in an historic house in downtown Newnan. Although our experienced clinical team brings a sophisticated brand of dentistry to the square, we have placed a high value on cultivating an atmosphere that feels like a family. This is a place where you can know and be known by the voices that answer the phone, and those who provide your care.

Personalized care. We realize the many options available to patients today can feel a bit overwhelming. We simplify the challenge of making decisions by taking the time to develop a treatment plan around your goals. We think you will not only benefit from the level of care we provide for our patients, but you’ll also love our handcrafted approach.

Excellence. Dental offices can schedule for excellence, or they can schedule for revenue. Here, excellence wins out every time. It stands to reason. If your first priority is excellent care, your schedule has to be sensitive to two things: your patient’s needs and your team’s effectiveness. So we don’t overbook, and we don’t rush through one visit to get to the next one.

Prevention. We believe in preventive care for the whole family, because keeping things in check keeps money in your pocket. We also strive to help make the dentistry you need fit with your life by working with most insurance plans, and offering flexible payment options.